Nέα Υόρκη: Τίμησαν τον Δειλίνη Σπυράγγελο Βικάτο, Επίτιμο Πρόεδρο στην Κοινότητα Αγίου Γερασίμου, Μανχάταν (εικόνες)

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Nέα Υόρκη: Τίμησαν τον Δειλίνη Σπυράγγελο Βικάτο, Επίτιμο Πρόεδρο στην Κοινότητα Αγίου Γερασίμου, Μανχάταν (εικόνες)

 Ετίμησαν τον Δειλινη Σπυρο (Σπυραγγελο) Βικατο Επίτιμο Προεδρο στην Κοινότητα Αγιου Γερασίμου, Μανχάταν, Νεα Υόρκη.

?Spiros Vikatos one of the three

Former Presidents Honored?

?I had the privilege to celebrate All Saints and Father's Day with my parents Spiros and Aliki Vikatos, with family and friends at my family's beloved St. Gerasimos Greek Orthodox Church, Manhattan, NYC.

? Orthos and Divine Liturgy was presided over by Fr. Pete and a visiting priest Fr. John from the Great Monastery of St. Gerasimos in Valsamata, Kephallonia.

? On the occassion of Father's Day, after the Service a luncheon followed at the Social Hall with many family and friends.

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?During this time, the St. Gerasimos Church Parish Council and the Ladies of Philoptohos honored the following three Former Presidents of the Parish Council bestowing them with the title Honarary Presidents: Spiros Vikatos, Sclavounos Valsamakis and Andrea's Dorizas. They were honored for their decades of untiring service to the St. Gerasimos Greek Orthodox Community and each one was awarded with a memorable icon of Saint Gerasimos and a bouquet of flowers. A beautiful Father's Day cake was served.

? It was truly a moving and very heartwarming event.

?On a personal note, I want to express on behalf of our family, our gratitude to the Parish Council for the recognition in honoring my father, Spiros Vikatos, for his 40 plus years of faithful dedicated service to the church he and my mother love so much. Congratulations to all the awardees and may the new generation uphold and perpetuate the faith and our beautiful St. Gerasimos Church which bears the name of our Patron Saint of Kefalonia, Greece.

*Spiros (aka Spyrangelos) Vikatos was born in Dilinata, Kephallonia. He resides with his wife Aliki and all the family in Fort Lee, New Jersey for over 50 years.

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Sunday, June 19, 2022

St. Gerasimos Greek Orthodox Church



Photos and video by: Katerina Vikatos Aghabi

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