The Thalassa Theatro Group are proud to announce Peter Pan

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The Thalassa Theatro Group are proud to announce Peter Pan

"The Thalassa Theatro Group are proud to announce this year's Pantomime, Peter Pan.

To be held at the Mythos + Estiasis on Friday 29th and Saturday 30th November.

Doors open at 6pm and the show commences at 7pm, after the show the Mythos will provide you with an evening buffet meal and then we have a DJ to carry on the party for a little longer.

Tickets €20 an adult, €10 children age 5-12 and anyone under 5 can come along for free but they won't get food!

Call 6933341528 Sam or 6949323042 Sheila

For anyone not familiar with an English Pantomime here is a short description to help you out.

"It is a British tradition always performed around Christmas time. It is always an adaption of a traditional children's story like Cinderella, snow white, Peter pan, Aladdin.

There are main elements to a pantomime, a man always plays a female role known as a "dame" who acts completely over the top.

Then there is a silly character who gets the audience to be his friend. The evil person who the audience must boo when he comes on, then the hero of the story who if is a male character will be played by a female.

It isn't just telling the story though, there is dancing, music, slap stick humour and the all important audience participation. "It's behind you" and "oh no he didn't" "booing the bad guy" and cheering the good guy etc.

It is a complete family show and isn't to be taken as a serious production, it is meant to be fun and if people forget their lines then that just adds to the whole show! 

We hope you will all come along and join in with the fun!

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