Odysseus Zoo-Land: Exploring the most unique theme park in Greece

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The only theme park in the world for Odysseus' Journey is in Kefalonia.

Four years have taken to complete Dimitris Spathis' vision, to amalgamate his love for the environment, animals and mythology. The result of this love is the Odysseus Zoo-Land. A theme park with animals, dedicated to Odysseus Journey on his way home to Ithaca.

Between the Cave of Drogarati and Melissani, Odysseus Zoo-Land is certainly another reason to visit Kefalonia and Sami. With 30 species of animals, well-crafted exhibits and the ultimate tranquility of Kefalonian nature, the creator of the park invites us to surrender and «dive» into the adventures of Odysseus, while getting in touch with the animals associated with these stories. This could be achieved not by browsing pages, nor by looking at a screen but listening to the environment and its fauna itself. Besides, the springboard for the park was the love for animals and the need for their care.

In this day and age, while we are becoming more and more introverted, learning history and mythology through glasses and beams of light, Zoo - Land enables us to smell, see, touch. To feel.

The park suits both the young and old. Sculptures of Odysseus, Penelope, Eumayus, Sirens and many others adorn the 30 acres of the zoo.

Walking in the park, one observes that the stops on Odysseus' journey are not placed in chronological order but based on the environmental needs of the animals. Animal welfare and care taken by park managers also incite their reproduction.

There is a canteen on site, as well as a sitting area with tables between the trees. According to the creator of the Park, the visit could easily turn into a kind of excursion either by drinking a fresh beverage or by relaxing and reading in one of the shady parts of the park.

The park, through Odysseus' journey, aspires to push the visitor to make his own inner journey, engaging with the environment and its living beings.

For more info visit Park's Facebook and Instagram page.

Babis Papanastasatos

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