1st photovoltaic system in Kefalonia with net-metering.

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1st photovoltaic system in Kefalonia with net-metering.

Photovaltaic Energy in Kefalonia!

Connected on Friday, January 26, 2018, the 1st photovoltaic system in Kefalonia with net-metering.

The installation took place in a tourist business in Angona Village, and has an installed capacity of 4.7 KWp.  It will also reduce the current account by 80-85% !! Can you believe it! Through net-metering, it is now possible, mainly in companies and government agencies, to install photovoltaic systems, even on land, and to reduce the minimum electricity bill to the account they receive. The higher the consumption, the higher the benefit and the damping time!.

 For homes, my appreciation is that only if someone goes into the program I save the house that is expected, or if the VAT on home systems goes to zero and at the same time the cost of installing the system is deducted from the tax office (as in all serious countries), then and only then, energy compensation for homes is in Greece.

When a house consumes electricity for cooling and heating via a heat pump, its other consumptions are as it is today - electric. And if the family owns an electric car with a household charger, then everybody understands that a photovoltaic system through energy clearing produces all the energy it consumes for one family and at the same time minimizes our energy costs.

For example, if a family operates on the logic of the previous millennium, consuming oil for heating, gas for the car, electricity for cooling for all other household consumptions, paying annually an amount close to 4,000 € for all the above, then with energy compensation for a family using electricity for all other household consumption,not only will it reduce greenhouse gas emissions even at ZERO, but at the same time reduce its costs by at least 3,500 € per year! How this goal will be achieved is certainly a matter of education, mentality and political will.

Konstantinos Prentzas Electrical Engineer