Federation of Cephalonian and Ithacian Societies

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Federation of Cephalonian and Ithacian Societies

"Odysseus" Federation was founded in 1996 after many meetings and discussions over many years. Held in Montreal, Canada, the first Convention was a great success. From that time on, the Federation has continued its important and difficult work with the Cephalonian and Ithacian diaspora around the world by creating ties with their island birthplace. The main purpose is to encourage younger generations to continue to maintain the cultural heritage of their land and to impart their knowledge to future generations.



Marinos Hionis, MD                                                                                       Panayis Kapoyiannatos

Honorary President                                                                                        Honorary President                       


Yiannis Hionis                                                                                                   Irini Mihalatou

  1. President                                                                                                            Vice President


Philippos Rassias                                                                                             Costas Vangelatos

Vice President                                                                                                   General Secretary          


Iraklis Kaloyiannatos                                                                                      Dionisios Vlahos

Secretary (English)                                                                                          Treasurer


Antonios Fokas                                                                                                 Angeliki Hionis

Head, Public Relations                                                                                   Vice Treasurer


















"Week Of Cephalonians & Ithacians Abroad 2013"

August 1-4, 2013



Dr. Athanasios Fokas

Professor, Cambridge University,

Honorary President, Week  Of Cephalonians & Ithacians Abroad 2013



Theme:  1953-2013, 60 years since the great earthquake

Welcoming statements

It is a distinct honor to welcome the family of expatriates to our island. The Municipal Authority has dedicated August to a series of commemorative events about the devastating earthquake of 1953, including the historic exodus essentially imposed on the island after the earthquake.  I wish you a pleasant stay.

Alexandros Parisis• Mayor of Cephalonia


It is a great honor to warmly welcome all our countrymen home to Cephalonia during this "Week of Cephalonians & Ithacians Abroad," which is one of the leading events jointly organized by the Cephalonia & Ithaca Regional Administration and the Municipality. I wish you success at the Conference.

Sotiris Kouris • Vice Regional Director, Cephalonia and Ithaca




Thursday, August 1, 2013


Session A’

Regional Administration Building, Argostóli, 10.00 11.00

• Workshop on the island's economy
Vice Regional Director, Mr. S. Kouris will chair a conference with members of the Federation and representatives of the island's economic sectors on "Economic Development - Part B"

Session B’

Korgialeneios Library, Argostoli, 19.00 - 21.30

Chair: A. Hioni, M. Fournioti, N. Alissandratos


Official Welcome

His Reverence, the Metropolitan of Cephalonia, Spyridon

President of “Odysseus” Federation, Yiannis Hionis

Member of Parliament of Cephalonia & Ithaca, Afrodite Theopeftatou

Vice Regional Director of Cephalonia & Ithaca, Sotiris Kouris

Mayor of Cephalonia, Alexandros Parisis

Honorary President of the Conference, Dr. Athanasios Fokas – Professor, Cambridge University

Vice President of the Korgalenios Foundation, Dr. P. Bazigos


19.30 20.00 • Federation of Cephalonian & Ithacian Societies "Odysseus"

                17 years of Pioneering Action (e-book)
                F. Rassias, 2nd Vice President of the Federation
                A. Konidaris, Head, Department of Public Relations & Communications,TEI
20.00 20.45 • Book Presentation on "Mission ... the Price"
                Peter A. Alivizatou, Professor of Cardiothoracic Surgery
                E. Toumasatos, Educator
20.45 21.00 • «Cephalonia in the European Parliament - Ring Rise Network»

                E. Kekatos, Vice Mayor of Culture - Tourism
21.00 21.30 •The Concert Choir of Argostoli
                 A. Mourelatos, Conductor


Friday, August 2, 2013

Cultural Center, Kourkoumelata, Livatho 19.00-21.30
Overseas Conference
Conference Vice Chairperson, A. Fokas, Professor, Cambridge University
Theme: "Earthquakes and Migration"

Second Chair: A. Konstantakis, P. Michalatou, F. Rassias
19.00 19.15 • Official Welcome
Vice Mayor of Livatho, A. Avgoustatou
Honorary President of the Federation, Dr. M. Hionis
President of the Local Community of Metaxata, E. Moschopoulos
Representatives of the Federated Associations


19.15 19.30 • Presentation of the "Kefalos" Association, 40 years action

                N. Alysandratos, President
19.30 20.00 • The «Cephalonian Diaspora»

                Professor A. Fokas

20.00 20.15 • «Aftershocks in Education»
                 G. Arsenis, former Minister of National Education and Religious Affairs
20.15 20.30 • «Earthquakes and Reconstruction»

                 St. Travlos, President TEE
20.30 20.45 • « George and Maris Vergoti Foundation»
                Chairman Ger. Vergotis
20.45 21.00 • «The gift of beneficence»

                Professor Ger. Metaxas
21.00 21.30 • Concert Choir of Livatho – member of K.E.DI.KE

­­­­­­­­­­­­                B. Kalogiras, Conductor _____________________________________________________________________



Saturday August 3, 2013

Makriotika, Drakopoulata, Agia Efimia, 19.00 21.30

19.00 19.30 • The Olive Museum "The Use of Pre-Earthquake Building»
                Tour led by Ms. Roula Moustaki, Makriotika Pylarou
19.30 20.00 • Visit to the traditional village of Drakopoulata
                Cultural Center, Ag. Efthimia

                Committee: S. Salmon, C. Kokolis, P. Kapogianniatos

20.00 20.15 • Official Welcome

Vice Mayor of Pylaros, Gerasimos Vagionitis

Vice President of the Federation, P. Kapogiannatos

President of the Local Community of Agia Efimia, R. Moustaki

Former President of the Federation, N. Pekkatos



21.15 20.30 • «The Earthquake in Literature» • D. Poulaki - Katevati

20.30 20.45 • «The Restoration of Traditional Housing» •M. Kotsilinis, Architect

20.45 21.00 • «Post-earthquake Cephalonia» • Sp. Leivadas. Former Director, EAB

21.00 21.15 • «A Photographic Record of the Earthquake" • R. Moustaki

21.15 21.45 • Dance Performance by the Cultural Association of Agia Efimia "The Lantern"





Sunday, August 4, 2013

Session A’

Argostoli, TEI Campus, 10.00 11.30 am

Special Event naming the TEI Garden, Argostoli, as "ODYSSEUS» Square.

Federation of Cephalonian & Ithacian Societies

Chair: S. Kouris, E. Theofilatos, M. Hionis

10.00 10.15 • Official Welcome
G. Arsenis, former Minister of National Education and Religious Affairs
S. Savvaoglou, Vice Mayor Argostoli
A. Fokas, Professor, Cambridge University

President of the Local Community of Argostoli, Lucas Niforatos





10.15 10.30 • The Symbolic Importance of Naming Ceremonies

                Professor Nap. Maravegias, President of TEI, Ionian Islands

10.30 10.45 • Summer Schools,  Professor Agisilaos Konidaris, Head of Department of Public Relations & Communications, TEI

10.45 11.00 • A Tour in Education

11.00 11.10 • Unveiling Ceremony

11.10 11.30 • The Mandolin Youth Orchestra - member of the K.E.DI.KE

                D. Pagoulatos, Conductor


Session B’

Poros. Cultural Center, 19.00 20.45


Chair: Athanasios Fokas, N. Papadatos H. Kapogiannatos


19.00 19.15 Official Welcome

Vice Mayor of Elios-Pronnoi, Vasilis Kambitsis

Former President of the Federation, Apostolos Aggourias

President K.E.DI.KE.,  Angelos Konstantakis

President of the Local Community of Poros, Epam. Koustoumpardis



19.15 19.30 • Post-Earthquake Poros, G. Gavrielatos, Instructor

19.30 19.45 • Archaeological Finds • A. Sotiriou, Archaeologist

19.45 20.00 • The contribution of immigrants to the development of Cephalonia,

                G. Kouloubi, Journalist

20.00 20.15 •  Multinational societies, G. Miliaresis, Civil Engineer

20.15 20.30 • Cephalonia of tomorrow • Tz. Grouzi

20.30 20.45 • Concluding Remarks


20.45 21.15 • Visit to Valeriano

21.15 23.00 • Join the annual celebration of the World Valeriano Cultural Association "Koroni".


Closing ceremonies for Week  Of Cephalonians & Ithacians Abroad 2013


Join us for Week Of Cephalonians & Ithacians Abroad 2014 -  1-4 August 2014