Coastal Revitalization: What the Project Envisions to Transform Argostoli

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Coastal Revitalization: What the Project Envisions to Transform Argostoli

Subject of a few days is the beginning of the redevelopment works of the coastal area from the Kavvadia monument to the Port Authority in Argostoli.

This is an exceptionally significant project that will dramatically change the appearance of the coastal area, both aesthetically and functionally, and it bears the seal of the Municipal Authority of Michalatos.

The project is complex as the implementation site already has a plethora of uses, often intersecting.

Among them are the entrance to the port, the space for the ferry to Lixouri, parking spaces for cars, tourist trains, facilities of NOA,  and the monument of the great Cephalonian poet.

Of particular interest is the fact that the intervention point is the main gateway for cruise ship passengers.

Parking Spaces

The study plans the organization of parking spaces in such a way that the number of vehicles is not reduced, but space is allocated to pedestrians and ensures their movement, as well as that of cyclists, with absolute safety.

An exclusive bicycle traffic lane will be created, allowing cyclists to safely travel from Maistratos to Koutavos.

Part of the NOA facilities will be shared, resulting in the widening of the pedestrian sidewalk and providing additional significant space at that point.

The area outside the large parking space near the ferry will be given to pedestrians and bicycles.

Additionally, there will be parking spaces for tourist trains within the area where the Port Authority's parking is, while in winter, the space will be used for vehicles.


The same materials used in the intervention at Kyani Akti will be used to ensure a unified aesthetic in the city.

As a result of this principle, the pavement material will be stamped concrete, similar to what was used at Kyani Akti. Along the sidewalk, a tactile guiding strip for the visually impaired will be provided.

In the areas with widening, pebbles similar to those from the Port Authority to the bridge will be placed.

The familiar dual-color scheme will be maintained, forming the waves that visitors will encounter and move along.

Particularly, with the widening that will be carried out in the Kavvadia area, the monument will be further highlighted due to the increased space and the use of the paving material.

The perimeter surfaces of the coastal zone towards the road and the sea will be covered with local Falari plates.

Additionally, the project includes the planting of trees, seating areas, waste bins, lighting, and new iron railings in the NOA area.

Works to be Carried Out

There will be a complete demolition, among others, of cement slabs and existing partitions, extensive excavations in the ground, and the removal of NOA's iron constructions.

In detail, the study includes: "Demolition of buildings made of iron structures, consisting of steel mesh sections and vertical load-bearing elements made of steel or reinforced concrete, masonry with panels, or optical cement structures, or other building materials, roofing with corrugated iron or tiles, and flooring with concrete or other materials, after loading and transportation to any distance for the disposal of demolition products, including any type of abandoned equipment, whether located within the buildings or attached to them."

Additionally, the NOA fence will be removed, and the worn-out asphalt in the parking areas will be completely removed.

In the final stage, road markings, parking arrows, and all new parking spaces (old and new) will be designated.


The project was funded with €1,450,800.00 from the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Insular Policy  after coordinated efforts by the Mayor of Argostoli, Theophilos Michalatos, and Member of Parliament Panagis Kappatos.

As a typical timeline for completion, 360 days have been set.

The contract was signed on July 12 between the Municipality and the Construction Company.

This is a project of significant importance envisioned and carried out by the current municipal authority within a broader, strategic plan for the "tomorrow" of Argostoli, which includes several other projects and interventions that will push our city forward.

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