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Στις 15 πιο όμορφες λίμνες του κόσμου η Μελισσάνη

Τελευταία ενημέρωση: Παρασκευή, 10 Μαΐου 2013 10:00

Στις 15 πιο όμορφες λίμνες του κόσμου η Μελισσάνη

Άλλη μία διάκριση για την λίμνη Μελισσάνη, καθώς η ιστοσελίδα την κατατάσει μέσα στις 15 πιο όμορφες του κόσμου! Παρακάτω το άρθρο

1.Edith Lake

Edith Lake is a glacial fed lake about 8-10 kilometers from Jasper town site in Canada.

2.Plitvice Lakes

Plitvice lakes are oldest national park in Southeast Europe located in Croatia.  In 1979, Plitvice Lakes National Park was added to the UNESCO World Heritage register among the first natural sites worldwide.

3. Lake Tekapo

Lake Tekapo is located at Mackenzie Basin in the South Island of New Zealand. It covers an area of 32 sq mi, and is at an altitude of 2,300 ft above sea level.

4. Mount Gambier Blue Lake

The Blue Lake in Mount Gambier, South Australia is a large monomictic lake located in an extinct volcanic maar associated with the Mount Gambier maar complex. It is one of four crater lakes on Mount Gambier.

5. Maligne Lake, Canada

Maligne Lake is a lake in Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada. It is famed for the colour of its water, the surrounding peaks, the three glaciers visible from the lake and Spirit Island, one of the most photographed locations in the world.

 6. Upper Arrow Lake British Columbia

The Arrow Lakes in British Columbia, Canada, divided into Upper Arrow Lake and Lower Arrow Lake, are widenings of the Columbia River. The lakes are situated between the Selkirk Mountains to the east and the Monashee Mountains to the west. Beachland is fairly rare

 7. Moraine Lake

Moraine Lake is a glacially-fed lake in Banff National Park, 8.7 mi outside the Village of Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada. It is situated in the Valley of the Ten Peaks.

 8. Diablo Lake

Diablo Lake is a reservoir in the North Cascade mountains of northern Washington state, USA. Created by Diablo Dam, the lake is located between Ross Lake and Gorge Lake on the Skagit River at an elevation of 1,201 feet above sea level.

 9. Melissani Lake

Melissani Cave or Melissani Lake, also Melisani is a Greek cave located on the island of Kefalonia, northwest of Sami, about 5 km SE of Agia Efthymia, NE of Argostoli and NW of Poros.

 10. Lake Louise

Lake Louise is a lake in Alberta, Canada. The glacial lake is located in Banff National Park, 3.1 mi from the hamlet of Lake Louise and the Trans-Canada Highway.

 11. Tirol Lake

Located in Tirol Austria, It comprises the Austrian part of the historic Princely County of Tyrol, corresponding with the present-day Euroregion Tyrol–South Tyrol–Trentino. The capital of Tyrol is Innsbruck.

 12. Tahoe Lake

Tahoe Lake is located along the border between California and Nevada, west of Carson City. Lake Tahoe is the largest alpine lake in North America

 13. Alpine Lake Colorado

The Gunnison National Forest covers 1,665,121 acres of land and is located a little west of central Colorado in the Rocky Mountains. There are fifty-four developed campgrounds of which twenty-six met the selection criteria.

 14. Medicine Lake

Medicine Lake is located at Jasper national park in Canada. It is located approximately 12 miles southeast of the townsite of Jasper, Alberta. Medicine Lake is approximately 4.3 miles long and is a relatively shallow lake.

 15. Malawi Lake

Lake Malawi is an African Great Lake and the southernmost lake in the East African Rift system. This lake, the third largest in Africa and the eighth largest lake in the world